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Branford Massage Therapy

David Engler


Swedish/Deep Tissue

Polarity Energy BodyWork

Type of massage most people are familiar with. Wonderful for deep relaxation and great for those looking for relief from pain and discomfort, recovering from injuries and surgery, improve range of motion.                        

I offer a quiet, peaceful studio, warm table, and premium oils and cream. Using various techniques which may include gentle stretching and a little energy work, I will create a session that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Deep tissue massage is not painful.

I also have specialized traing in Oncology Massage. Massage has so many benefits for folks dealing with cancer or have had cancer.

Prior to each session we talk so I understand your goals for the session. Each client is draped for modesty and warmtn. Your comfor is high priority and you won't be rushed off the table.

Enjoy a relaxing, quiet break from your hectic schedule.

Foot and Hand Reflexology

When I first experienced Polarity I was simply blown away. I was so deeply relaxed. similar to Reiki and Therapeutic Touch, only the hands touch the body. Polarity is gentle and done over clothing. My hands are placed on two areas of the body and held there for short periods of time. Examples: neck and forehead, shoulder and opposite hip, palm of hand and bottom of opposite foot, upper and lower back. People experience warmth of my hands, breathing slows, and enjoy deep relaxation and pain reduction. I may include foot massage to comliment Polarity.

Polarity is not for everyone. It's slow and meditative If you want your muscles really worked  I would suggest Swedish/ Deep Tissue. Give Polarity a shot if you want to to try something a little different or want bodywork without disrobing.

Specific massage for the feet and hands using  premium cream to create a session that promotes relaxation and calmness. 30 minutes sessions

ElderCare/Senior Massage

Specialized massage specifically designed for seniors and their unique health and aging issues. No disrobing, Can be done in my studio or arrange in-home visits. very gentle, helps with pain, stiffness, and stress. Very enjoyable. Adding to the quality of life.

Hospice Massage

Gentle massage for comfort adding to the quality of life for hospice patients.I have over 6 years experience working with hospice patients and have seen the benefits for the patients and their families. I work closely with the patient, family and hospice team.Very Gentle, in-home or facility. Massage is usually done in the hospital bed, wheel chair, or other comfortable chair. Flexible scheduling.Very beneficial. Interested? Let's talk.

Special Event Chair Massage

I have years of experience with oncite special event massage. I have provided massage for university students and faculty, theatre performers, at health fairs,teacher and employee appreciation events,employee traing days, sales promotions, trade shows, and more.  Minimum 2 hours per event. Call to discuss bringing chair massage your next event.  

Oncite chair massage is appreciated by all.

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