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Polarity Energy BodyWork

30/60/90 Minutes


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30/60 Minutes


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Special Event Chair Massage

Swedish/Deep Tissue Massage

Hospice Massage

30/50 Minutes

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Senior/ElderCare Massage

Two Hour Minimum

per therapist

$100/hr/per therapist

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Hospice Massage
deep tissue back massage

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text: 203-506-2338

email: denglermassage@gmail.com

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Branford Massage Therapy

David Engler

250 West Main St. Branford, Ct. 06405

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head massage
Polarity Energy Bodywork
Special Event Massage
Corprate Chair Massage
relaxing neck massage
Polarity Energy Bodywork
ElderCare Massage
Senior Massage

Therapeutic Relief: Massage Benefits for Individuals with Health Conditions

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Branford Massage Therapy. I am David Engler, an experienced massage therapist who has practiced for over 35 years.

I aim to help you feel your best by providing skilled, results-oriented massage in a safe, peaceful, and relaxing studio.

Sessions are by appointment. I use premium oils and creams . Everyone is draped for modesty and warmth.

Various types of massage and services are available including:

Swedish/Deep Tissue Massage,

Polarity Energy Bodywork,

Oncology Massage,

InHomeElderCare Massage,

Hospice Massage, Special Event Chair Massage.


Whole Body Stretching.

Studio sessions are 30, 60, 90 minutes of hands-on time with no rushing off the table. Look around my website to learn how massage can be of help to you.

  For more information or to set up an appointment please contact me by phone, text, or email.

I look forward to helping you.

Assisted Stretching

25/55 Minutes


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